Natural Mind Magic


Caitlin Collins and dogs

Natural Mind Magic personal development coaching can help you to discover your own natural mind magic with methods drawn from the practical psychology system of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), and, where appropriate, Tibetan Buddhist meditation - with the option of enhancing your experience with horse-facilitated coaching!

You can:


learn the arts of meditation, relaxation and stress management;
change unwanted behaviour such as smoking or over-eating;
resolve anxiety, fears and phobias;
heal painful memories;
explore your purpose and direction;
enhance your confidence and emotional wellbeing;
make more of your life and opportunities.


I offer one-to-one sessions and group workshops. I also have a self-help programme, supported by telephone coaching, especially for smokers wishing to stop. The programme, An Alternative Way to Stop Smoking, is designed to tackle the inner conflicts that typically underlie difficulties encountered in stopping and staying stopped; it's particularly appealing to people who have a strongly developed rebellious side that dislikes being told what to do!

I also work specifically with horse-people, bringing NLP coaching skills into training horses and riders.


February 2010